Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Am still going with my 30:30 at Blueline, and am finding out about other 30:30's out there...I'm amazed I never did this before. I remember something about a few of my friends going over there a few months back, but didn't join. Actually, I'm doing two 30:30's at one time. So am I doing a 60:30? I think that's speeding. I'll end up with a ticket and much bad poetry.

NO replies from anyplace I've submitted, after the round of rejections about a week ago. I'd like to say no news is good news but in this case I think that acceptances come first. So I can speculate. Ever the pessimist.

In other news:

My son jammed an earplug in his ear yesterday requiring a trip to the doctor, ear drops, and a follow up appt. next week. Yay!


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