Monday, October 23, 2006

Loss of electricity and other juicy details...

I never realized how addicted I am to electricity. Lost power for over a week and am just now returning to my normal life. I was in the midst of a 30:30 and now have to start from scratch. If I were optimistic, I would look at it like this: well, now you'll have more than thirty poems done when you finish your new round!

Unfortunately, I'm a pessimist.


But on a happier note, I came back to the world of power to find this:

FRiGG Magazine with the fabulous Helen poems by Meridith Gresher and some of mine.

elimae has some great poetry up as well, including the work of Arlene Ang and yours truly.

Received two acceptances, one from Ascent Aspirations Magazine and one from Tipton Poetry Journal. I'm sooo thrilled. :)

See what happens when you lose power for a week?


I guess I should stay off more often...though most of that work was written while I was virtually connected.

Am loving this off to surf!


Blogger Arlene said...

wheeee! these are great news, cheryl! congrats! i've got stuff coming up in the fall issue of tipton — hope we're sharing space in the same issue.

i saw you miss a couple of days in 30:30. hope everything's okay!


1:02 AM  

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