Saturday, October 07, 2006

The new issue of Eclectica. And fish.

The new issue of Eclectica is up(!) and the editors have been kind enough to include my word poem This Woman in the Sewing Room. I'm pleased as punch to be sharing space with Arlene Ang and Michaela Gabriel.

Today I bought myself a Betta fish. My family's fish family has now grown to three. Replaced the poor deceased Goey (Named by my youngest because he said the fish "goes") with Goey #2, a much larger feeder fish. And I have wanted a Betta fish for soooo long. I guess dreams really do come true. *snort

Am on day 7(?) of the latest round of 30:30. I'm pleased with some of the work so far. Yesterday, however, was a misery, as my muse turned her back so completely on me, then would turn around and entice me with ideas I wasn't quite ready to create yet. I was reduced to asking my husband for five words. Liked the results, though. Perhaps he is my muse? I think he just might be. Awwwww, isn't that sweet? I can hear the jeers now. Yes it is sweet. :)


Blogger Sharon Hurlbut said...

Congratulations Cheryl! I really enjoyed the poem, and I love the way they've illustrated it.

Funny, I did the same thing a few 30/30s ago - asked my hubby to supply me with 5 words. It worked, though not in the way I'd intended. He found such obscure words I was left with no choice but to come up with something on my own. Hmmm, maybe that was his master plan, since I haven't asked him for words again.

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