Monday, February 19, 2007


I have been absent from keeping up this blog, but I have been busy. Not particularly with writing, but with education.

M.A. program:

Four classes into my Literature of Continental Europe class. The topic is Symbolism and Decadence. I'm enjoying it tremendously, but wish that I knew French so as to read the French Symbolists in the original language. So much, particularly in poetry, gets lost in translation. My final paper will be on Against Nature by Huysmans. I gave the initial presentation last Wednesday and think that I have a good start on my ideas for the final paper.


Have not been doing as much writing as I'd like to, thought I have started (yet again) a round of 30 at ITWS. This time I had better make it through an entire round. So far I've used my readings for the course as prompts for new work, and the titles for Tupelo Press.

Also, the chapbook is still percolating. I will hopefully have some more pieces put together for that soon. I'm currently thinking about running some of those poems through a more rigorous critique group.


Blogger Arlene said...

yay! it's great to see you back in blogland, chaperone. hope you're still doing 30:30!

your classes sound really fab. i do envy you.

good luck in putting together the chapbook — try with rubicon press when you get it together. or lily. or dancing girl press. **G**


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