Sunday, September 14, 2008

Things recently realized or whatever

The epiphany I had was that I could totally become lost in a virtual reality. Perhaps in many respects I already am. And all the problems I have in real life would just follow me to numerous blogs and perhaps social networking sites. I am still socially inept. But at least this way people don't have to see me. Which is nice. Though I should have a picture up, but I have no idea how to do that, and then I'd worry that it was a terrible picture fully showcasing every chin I have, which makes me anxious and hungry for a snack.

There just shouldn't be this kind of pressure in life.

In better news I am almost halfway through my latest round of 30:30. Woohoo! Life is sweet.

And my hair is black thanks to Nice 'n Easy. I so wish there was a product called Mean 'n Difficult. Oh wait. That product is me.


On the reading front I just finished Happy Birthday or Whatever a fabulous book by Annie Choi. It's hysterical. I laughed quite a bit, though I thought there would be more "deep moments." Something on the back about a family crisis. Which was either oddly placed in the text or not quite as hard hitting as I expected.

But read it.

I wonder if Annie Choi is on facebook...


Blogger Arlene said...

teehee. i can certainly understand being socially inept. it *is* nice that no one gets to see you on the internet — especially when you go AWOL or stop answering their e-mails because you... actually, because *i* am too caught up playing pc games.

you've convinced me. i'm getting that annie choi book! i'm a sucker for funny books.

question: if i used mean n' difficult (i.e. cheryl) on my black hair, what color would my hair turn out? would i still have hair?

and hey, i just tagged you with the zombie haiku into revealing 6 unspectacular things about yourself — come and join the pantry people.

see ya at 30:30!


9:12 AM  
Blogger Cheryl said...


It's been minutes since I saw you in 30:30! (Okay, hours ago, but hyperbole is a beautiful thing.)
And congrats on the round... :)

Yes, you will enjoy Annie Choi. I did. :)

And I just noticed I done been tagged. Must think, must think...though not too hard as it doesn't have to be interesting.

See you in 30. You are coming back soon, yes?


5:27 PM  

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