Wednesday, May 02, 2007

In sickness and in...

bed for the last few days. Went to the doctor yesterday and I have some kind of viral infection that's affecting my head and throat along with a wonderful case of pink eye.

Changes for Vestal Review:

Effective immediately, Vestal Review will publish its print issues twice a year instead of quarterly. However, we will switch the format to perfect bound copies to replace the current stapled ones. We will also increase the number of published flashes to 30 a year. The Web issues will remain quarterly, but not all submissions will be open to the readers. We welcome your subscriptions if you want to read them all.
One year subscription is $20 postpaid (add $6 for postage for foreign subscription). A sample copy is $10 (add $2 for postage, $4 for foreign address).

I'm really excited about this, as I think the copies will be beautiful. Everyone should subscribe. I'm not biased or's a quality publication. Beautiful stories are published every time.

I'm working on a new round of 30:30 poems. Poems to date (though four were for a specific submission):

A Process in the Weather of the Heart
Snails, Worms, and Other Losses
If You Only Knew
Shoes, Seasons, the Moon, Blue
Midden of Dreams
Who's Going Out
Of Me
At 32
Random Rain Haiku
On the Discovery
Report On Death's Door
The Picture in the Silver Frame

On the Symbolist Course:

Must have a completed paper by May 11th. Hopefully I'll be feeling well enough to put that together. I'm sure, now that I have medicine, I'll be feeling better in the next couple of days. I've received good comments for revision from my professor, including possible thesis or book length(?!) work. Hmmmm.

And now, back to my sickbed before I completely lose steam...


Blogger Sharon Hurlbut said...

Hey Cheryl! Congrats on finishing your second round of 30/30. How is the Vestal Review gig?

I'm tagging you to list 10 favorite quotes that reflect your concept of poetry and the writing of it. Post them on your blog and share your wisdom with the world.

7:23 AM  

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