Sunday, October 05, 2008

Six Unspectacular Things

This could quite possibly be the most difficult thing to try and do, but Ms. Ang has tagged me. And I think I cannot tag because most anyone I know has already been tagged. Which leads me to ...

#1. It seems I am most often last in line.

#2. I enjoy receiving socks as gifts, more specifically theme types of socks. For example, I own Halloween socks, Christmas socks, San Diego Zoo socks, and Cancer socks (the zodiac Cancer, not the unhealthy cancer.)

#3. I think Swiffer is a genius product, but rarely use it.

#4. For some reason, the actual amount of money in my bank account does not correspond with my calculations.

#5. I am addicted to celebrity news.

#6. Cheeseburgers are a food item I could eat every day for the rest of my life.

In other news:

I received some rejections this week, but one had a nice "you almost made the cut" comment. Still waiting for other responses which at least means I've actually been sending work out. Good times.

Believe I'll be starting a fourth round of 30:30. Am I insane?! Yes. But do keep fingers crossed that I make it. After that I may indeed need a break.

I'm also hoping that two of my students, whose papers I entered into a conference contest, will be selected to read their work. Should find out tomorrow...

And now, off to a busy week...


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